Ludwig Universal Wood Snare Drum

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Want more response and sensitivity out of a snare? The Ludwig Universal snare drum features dark, warm wood tones, sensitivity, and a dynamic tuning range.

A stellar lineup of wood drums for any occasion, Ludwig's Universal series wood snares have been designed to find a place to complement virtually any drum set. Lock into amazing tone and breathtaking finishes! All Universal wood snares feature the P88i throw-off, the P35 butt plate, and 2.3mm chrome hoops. Emphasizing optimal response, sensitivity, and dark warm tones, the Ludwig Universal snare drums delivers a rich, dynamic range suitable for a multitude of tuning ranges and head combinations.

Get a closer look at the Universal wood series snares in this video from Ludwig:

Universal Mahogany Snare Drum - LU6514MA

Universal Mahogany is known for its ultra-dark, warm, thick tones and sensitive response. Ludwig's Universal Mahogany snare stays true to the fold. A soft, subtle, and nuanced sound from the added Maple re-rings offers a more traditional sound from yesteryear with the benefit of modern-day manufacturing techniques. Product specifications: 6.5x14" 6-ply 7.5 mm Mahogany shell with Maple re-rings. Triple flange hoops, tube lugs, P88i throw-off, P35 butt plate, 18 strand snare wires.

Universal Cherry Snare Drum - LU6514CH

The Cherry snare brings an entirely new and unexpected sound to the sonic library. The natural Cherry shell delivers a heavy "punch in the gut" sound with more tone and body than you can imagine! A clear winner when you are looking for a new sound that delivers a focused, throaty attack that will get everyone's attention. Rimshots read more and cross-sticks are uniquely noticeable due to Cherry's rich tonal characteristics. Product specifications: 6.5 x14" 6 ply 7.5 mm Cherry shell. Triple flange hoops, tube lugs, P88i throw-off, P35 butt plate, 18 strand snare wires.

Universal Walnut Snare Drum - LU6514WA

Walnut has a history of delivering dark rich tone and attack. Ludwig's Universal Walnut snare brings this and more to the sonic table, delivering clear articulation when playing subtle grace notes. The sound of the Walnut shell really comes to life when played loudly. Rimshots and cross-stick sounds deliver a clean and warm tone. Product specifications: 6.5 x14" 6 ply 7.5 mm Walnut shell with an outer ply of exotic Walnut Burl. Triple flange hoops, tube lugs, P88i throw-off, P35 butt plate, 18 strand snare wires.
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Submitted August 17, 2022 by Ty Del Rose in Midlothian, IL

"One Gig Wonder"

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars
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Great sounding drum but the stock throw-off is JUNK! I purchased the 6.5x14 Mahogany version. Not even two gigs in with this brand new drum, and BOTH of the tension rods on the throw-off that hold the snare wire straps in place are stripped, rendering the entire drum useless. I'm on tour right now and it's not exactly the time for me to be having snare issues, especially with some festival appearances coming up. Ludwig hasn't exactly been known for their hardware to begin with, but they REALLY cheaped out on this one! It's a shame because the shell itself actually has a really nice fundamental tone and sounds great when it's in tune and the throw off actually WORKS. Incredibly disappointed in the quality of this drum!

It's a great sounding drum! The shell is really nice and has a great fundamental tone right around 205hz. When it's tuned up nicely, it really sounds good!

It has nice bearing edges and tube lugs, and seems to tune pretty easily and hold its tune decently well, despite me being a very hard hitter. Where this drum falls WAY short though, is in the throw-off. The tension rods that hold the snare wire straps in place feel VERY cheap and actually BOTH stripped out on me not even TWO gigs in, which renders the whole thing useless for a professional situation where I need quality, reliable sound. It's one of the things you should be able to trust to hold up, especially at such a high price range. read more Ludwig really missed the mark on hardware quality with this one.

Ease of Use
It tunes well and when the snare wires are actually functional, it sounds good!

The shell itself is nice but as mentioned, they really cheaped out on the throw-off. It didn't even last me two days. To say I'm disappointed in the quality is an understatement.

Not even close. There's far better built alternatives from many of Ludwig's competitors.

The Wow Factor
After playing it, it's a great sounding drum but if I could go back I'd opt for something that's actually going to hold up for more than two gigs under normal playing circumstances.

Musical Background:
Touring Drummer

Musical Style:
Rock, Alternative, Blues, Soul, Country, etc
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