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February 15, 2021
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ProMark 5A Drumsticks

ProMark 5A Drumsticks

A quality drummer needs quality drumsticks. Attain a high level of professionalism with these thin, medium weight sticks from ProMark.

ProMark HotRods Multi-Rods

Pro-Mark HotRods Multi-Rods

Find the perfect balance with these multi-rod drumsticks. Made from birch dowels, these sticks are just right -- not too loud, and not too soft.

Pro-Mark Classic FireGrain Drumsticks (Pair)

Pro-Mark Classic FireGrain Drumsticks (Pair)

These Pro-Mark Classic hickory drumsticks are forged by FireGrain, which lends the wood more durability to last longer even in the hands of hard hitters.

Pro-Mark Rebound ActiveGrip Acorn Drumsticks (Pair)

Pro-Mark Rebound ActiveGrip Acorn Drumsticks (Pair)

Pro-Mark Rebound ActiveGrip sticks are heat-activated to become tackier as your hands get sweatier, ensuring a consistent grip during long sessions.

ProMark PW747W Oak 747 Neil Peart Signature Drumsticks

Pro-Mark PW747W Oak 747 Neil Peart Signature Drumsticks

Try these Neil Peart signature oak 747 drumsticks from Pro-Mark, and discover why Rush's drummer has been a Pro-Mark player since 1974.

ProMark 5B Drumsticks

Pro-Mark 5B Drumsticks

With their durability, resilience, and responsiveness, these drumsticks are a great choice for heavy hitting drummers who constantly wear out their sticks.

ProMark 747 Drumsticks

Pro-Mark 747 Drumsticks

Old Hickory, that will be your nickname when you break out these carefully crafted drumsticks from ProMark.

ProMark Stick Depot (Model SD100)

Pro-Mark Stick Depot (Model SD100)

Tired of losing your drumsticks? Clamp this stick depot on your cymbal stand or other drum hardware, and you'll always have a place to keep your sticks.

ProMark 7A Drumsticks

Pro-Mark 7A Drumsticks

Stock up on Pro-Mark 7A drumsticks. Ideal for light jazz and acoustic playing, these thin and light sticks are made from American hickory.

ProMark Japanese Oak 5A Drumsticks

ProMark Japanese Oak 5A Drumsticks

Japanese Oak drum sticks offer excellent articulation and long-lasting durability for any style of drumming.

ProMark SD200 Stick Depot

Pro-Mark SD200 Stick Depot

Never be stuck without extra sticks, thanks to the Pro-Mark Stick Depot. This drumstick caddy clamps easily to a cymbal stand, and holds two pairs of sticks.

Pro-Mark TDSB Transport Deluxe Drumstick Bag

Pro-Mark TDSB Transport Deluxe Drumstick Bag

This Pro-Mark Deluxe drumstick bag looks stylish on the outside, and securely holds your sticks, brushes and accessories inside. There's even a phone pocket!

ProMark Cool Rods Multi-Rods

Pro-Mark Cool Rods Multi-Rods

Perfect for gigs that require less volume, the classic Cool Rods from Pro-Mark dampen your sound without sacrificing the dynamics and impact of your playing.

ProMark 2B Drumsticks

Pro-Mark 2B Drumsticks

Stock up on sticks from a manufacturer that specializes in sticks. These thick, heavy hickory 2B drumsticks are perfect for hard-hitting drummers.

Pro-Mark EDSB Every Day Drumstick Bag

Pro-Mark EDSB Every Day Drumstick Bag

Every drummer needs a drumstick bag! This Pro-Mark stick bag stores your sticks and other accessories, plus it can hook onto your floor tom.

ProMark Giant Drumsticks

ProMark Giant Drumsticks

These are giant; seriously, we mean it! The ProMark Giant drumsticks are 36" long and 1-1/2" in diameter, making them a great novelty gift for any drummer.

ProMark Lightning Rods Multi-Rods

Pro-Mark Lightning Rods Multi-Rods

With less volume than regular sticks but more impact than traditional brushes, Pro Mark Multi-Rods are the perfect practice stick.

ProMark S22 Cymbal Sizzler

Pro-Mark S22 Cymbal Sizzler

Add a little sizzle to make your cymbals really cook. Small metal beads vibrate against your cymbal to add a sizzling wash for a more textured timbre.

ProMark 5AB Drumsticks

ProMark 5AB Drumsticks

The ideal stick for a more articulate sound! The ProMark 5AB drumsticks feature a slightly larger nylon tip and shorter stick taper for increased projection.

Pro-Mark's commitment to bringing quality and balance to all of its drumsticks and accessories have made it the go-to brand for drummers all over the world. Call our Gear Experts now for help with your purchase: 800-460-8089.
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