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November 21, 2022


Innovation has been the hallmark of Breedlove Guitars since day one -- a restless urge to create the perfect acoustic sound, to match that soundwith effortless playability, and to craft a clean, modern aesthetic. For almost 30 years, Breedlove has been following the player's lead, designing trusted, quality instruments for a new era. Namesakes Larry and Kim Breedlove launched a true sonic renaissance in the Oregon high desert, with breakthrough following breakthrough -- from the pioneering of new tonewoods to radical new parts design and body shapes. Inspired by Kim's vision and commitment, Tom Bedell purchased Breedlove in November 2010, dedicating a new, updated workshop facility in Bend, Oregon; amplifying the brand's efforts to build the finest musical instruments while maintaining and protecting the global ecosphere. "Breedlove has continued, really, from the dreams of Larry and Steve," Bedell says. "Everything we're doing today is still based on innovation and customization -- the tradition of looking forward that Breedlove started with, back in 1990." Breedlove is building tomorrow's guitars today. With the goal of Sound Optimization and sustainable exotic tonewoods,they make the right guitar for you, at the right time in your musical journey. Key to the Breedlove Difference is the concept of Sound Optimization, which starts at the tree and carries through to your fingertips. It's a carefully monitored process, taking into account the specific densities of discrete tonewood sets; top and back frequency separation; soundhole dimension; hand voicing; and so much more. If this sounds technical, it is. The benefit, however, is simple -- consistently superior sound. Breedlove introduced native Oregon Myrtlewood to the guitar world early on, establishing it as a new powerhouse, an ideal blend of rosewood, mahogany and maple. As with other exotic species, every effort is made to source and track tonewood responsibly, with no clear-cut timber ever used in hand-built US models. All Breedlove guitars -- domestic and import -- are designed in the Bend Custom Shop and inspired by these core principles. The Breedlove Difference is discovered when pick hits string, or when your fingers deftly make a chord jump to life. Whether you're a weekend basher or a delicate fingerstylist, there's a Breedlove that has been painstakingly curated to fit your style and the unique demands of your music. Four revolutionary body shapes -- available in the finest tonewood assortment found at any price point -- marry science, art and beauty, and cater to each player's individual style, offering personalized, signature tones never thought possible; with unmatched ease of playability and striking fit and finish across all models. "Before we developed the Breedlove Concert, Concerto, Concertina and Companion, you had to compromise between volume, projection, overtones and complexity. We've worked really hard at giving you all ofthat in an instrument that feels natural and easy to play. Let us be your guide." The line of Lu'au ukuleles employs Kim Breedlove's groundbreaking architecture, producing a bright, defined voice, particularly in visually entrancing Myrtlewood editions. You will play better, sound better and play more with a Breedlove.