How Sound Works

Sound is a complicated idea because it involves so many different factors. The ear processes sound by quickly moving it through the different bones in the ear. For example when a person hears an acoustic guitar, the bones of the ear pick up the sound waves as they travel through the air and process those sounds so the individual hears it. There are also situations where the sound changes, such as with ultrasound technology. Sound is used in different ways and for different things beyond the simple idea of music.

How We Perceive Sound

The Physics of Sound

Applications of Sound

History of Sound/ How Sound Has Progressed

Everything in the world makes sound, from a classic fender strat guitar to a person walking down the street. Technology is constantly evolving and as it evolves, sound is changed. The idea of acoustic music still exists, but today digital and electronic sounds in music are also popular. It’s obvious that sound will keep changing and evolving in the future. Scientists and physicists are always working on new applications for sound in terms of medicine and other areas. No one knows what the future of sound holds, but it will be interesting to see how it continues to change.