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January 10, 2022

Antelope Audio Interfaces

Antelope Audio is at the top of the game when it comes to high-end audio interfaces. With excellent Synergy Core Processing for effects, high levels of connectivity, massive conversion rates, and even new entry level interfaces, Antelope Audio is quickly becoming a staple in both professional and home studios alike.

At the heart of Antelope Audio's power is their signature Synergy Core Processing which combines the massive power of FPGA chips and the more industry standard DSP chips to take the load off your computer's CPU. This allows for fast, real time processing, making sure your computer keeps up with your imagination.
Antelope Audio Galaxy Interface
At the top of the line in Antelope's stable of interfaces is the colossal Galaxy 32 Synergy Core model. With 32 channels of analog I/O, Antelope's Synergy Core Processing, and added Thunderbolt and Dante connections, this is one of the most powerful 1U interfaces on the market.

Antelope Audio Discrete Interfaces
Antelope Audio made the Discrete Interfaces with the home studio in mind. The Discrete 8 gets you 8 phenomenal preamps, huge digital I/O, and access to insane Synergy Core processing power to utilize plugins from Antelope Audio and 3rd party developers.

If you do not need all of those preamps, or are pining for a smaller form factor, check out the Discrete 4, the Antelope Interface packing the most bang for your buck.

Antelope Audio Orion Interfaces
If you are looking for a centerpiece for your professional studio, look no further than the Orion Series of Interfaces from Antelope Audio. With a plethora of Digital I/O options, huge processing power, and multiple connectivity options, the Orion Series can serve as great conversion AND emulation to take your studio to the next level.