Yamaha MX61 v2 Keyboard Synthesizer, 61-Key

Yamaha MX61 v2 Keyboard Synthesizer, 61-Key

Get 1000+ Motif-derived sounds, deep integration with your computer or iOS device, and easy audio/MIDI over USB with Yamaha's lightweight, compact MX61 v2.

Yamaha MM6 61-Key Synthesizer

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Yamaha MM6 61-Key Synthesizer

The Yamaha MM6 Music Synthesizer delivers all that power and more. Drawing on the same sounds of the popular pro-level MOTIF series instruments, the MM6 has a wide variety of dynamic, realistic and just plain powerful Voices to help you create amazing music. The MM6 also gives you total control over your sound, with real-time tweakable knobs, and features special Patterns that provide full backing -- drums, bass and chords -- for your live performance and song creation. And since the MM6 is exceptionally light and portable, you can bring it anywhere and everywhere your music takes you.

Play -- Sounds from the Legendary Motif

That's the first and most important thing you look -- and listen -- for in a synthesizer. Rest assured, this synthesizer delivers. The MM6 has 418 Voices and 22 Drum Kits on board, based on the sounds of the famed pro-level MOTIF series synthesizers. These exceptionally high-quality sounds range from authentic and natural acoustic instruments to wild, unique and in-your-face synth Voices. An extra set of GM Voices (128 Normal, 1 Drum Kit) is built into the instrument as well, giving you all you need to play back songs recorded in that popular format.

So many Voices, so little time... That's why Yamaha also included a convenient Category Search function. Just select the type of instrument you want to play -- organ, guitar, synth lead, strings, whatever -- then select the specific Voice. All your favorite sounds are right at your fingertips.

Tweak -- Your Sounds the Way You Want!

Take control. Twist some knobs and tweak the sound. Make it sing and make it scream. The MM6 puts some serious control in your hands. Change the filter cutoff and resonance settings as well as the EG attack and release with the four knobs - in real time as you play.

Jam -- Patterns to Groove On

The MM6 has a full set of Patterns that give you rhythmic backing in a wide variety of music styles -- including Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Dance, Ambient, Pop, Rock, Jazz and even World styles. These Patterns are just what you need to shake up the dance floor. All dynamic, all powerful - the MM6 gives you the real thing. Patterns that stay in the groove, but never sound mechanical. Drum loops with a truly human feel that dance and float around the beat, yet remain firmly in the pocket. Riffs and licks that get you inspired, get you moving, and get you creating some serious music.

Arpeggiate Yourself
Generate some excitement. The powerful Arpeggiator feature lets you automatically create repeating rhythmic phrases and note patterns. A full 213 Arpeggiator types are built in, letting you trigger a variety of musically useful and exciting patterns to get the house jumping. Many of these Arpeggiator types use synth lead, piano and guitar Voices to generate melodic and broken chord patterns based on the chords you play with your left hand. Bass arpeggios and Drum Voice rhythm loops are also included, letting you easily set up dynamic riffs and beats to jam over.

Create -- Your Music, Your Way

When you play live, you want to be able to make sound changes quickly -- not just between songs, but in the middle of a song too. The Performance Memory feature is just the tool you need to smoothly switch gears and take things up a notch or two. Each Performance can store combined settings for the Voices you want to use (including special keyboard splits and layers), the Patterns you want as backing tracks, and any other crucial settings for your live work. Then, simply call up each Performance by pressing a single button.

Save and Swap

Share the wealth. With the rear panel USB connection, the MM6 makes it easier than ever before to transfer your valuable data between devices. Plug in a USB thumb drive or memory stick and store the important MIDI songs, Pattern files, Performance settings and all other data you've created, and then bring it to a computer for archiving and organizing. You can also save your recorded songs in the universal SMF (Standard MIDI File) format, then transfer and use those on any another SMF-compatible device, including computers running MIDI music sequencing software.

Cubase LE

The MM6 is all about making music. And since much of today's music is being made on computers, the MM6 is built to fit right into any computer music system. Just connect the USB To Host terminal on the instrument to your computer with a standard USB cable, and you've got the makings of a sophisticated recording setup. And just to make sure you get a head start, Yamaha included a free copy of Cubase LE -- a full-featured music production software that has all you need to record your performance data from the MM6 via MIDI (and even use plug-in synthesizers in the software), edit the data, process the sounds with effects, arrange it in multiple tracks and perform final mixdown.
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Submitted February 23, 2009 by a customer from aol.com
"Yamaha MM6 - Grab one and enjoy. Recommended."
I'll probably keep the MM6 for many years such is the quality of the sounds I don't ever think I would want to part with it. If I lost it I'd rush straight out and buy another. Likes most - A great keyboard for a silly low price. Likes Least - Flimsy casework esp. the base. For casework think of a Sinclair ZX80 computer (if your'e old enough to remember)

Sounds are particlarly good on strings. Piano also has good samples. It sounds very good through stage PA. The sound quality easily belies its low price. Also people love to come up and have a dabble because it looks so cool.

Accesories : PSU, Cubase LE Package would benefit from a well padded carrybag because MM6 needs good protection when carrying it to/from gigs or practice.

Ease of Use
The MM6 is quite easy to use. The manual is still sealed up in the plastic bag. I bought the MM6 on the basis of many reviews I had read that gave the thumbs up on the quality of the voices. I did not test drive the board before I bought it online.

MM6 is very light weight but this is an advantage when you have a much heavier Korg i5 on the bottom stand tier. The MM6 sits nicely on the top tier and theres little additional weight to worry about. The keyboard action took a little getting used to at firs. It was a little light for my preference. But you do get used to it after a read more few hours playing and it is great for fast playing. The downside is you must handle the keyboard carefully when setting up/dismantling. Especially the black plastic trim under the keyfronts is very flimsy and I expect it to crack in the near future with gig use. OK for home though if your'e not moving the MM6 about too much.

In one word- YES. Absolutely. Definitely. I got exactly what I wanted. A high class instrument with loads of quality samples (many from the Motif, loads of very useful features for live performance. And it hasn't broke the bank. And I got it on interest free credit. It will fill my need for years to come.

Manufacturer Support
My MM6 was bought new on 22 Feb 09 so no contact made. Hopefully I won't ever need to.

The Wow Factor
Looks brilliant Superb styling and controls layout. I love playing it.

Musical Background:
Hobbyist/active musician

Musical Style:
pop, covers,
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