Harman Studio Production Suite

Harman Studio Production Suite

Get set up to record! This bundle includes a Soundcraft Notepad-8FX mixer with USB audio interface, an AKG condenser mic, and JBL 305P MkII studio monitors.

SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2 Monitor Control Station

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Submitted February 7, 2009
"Worthless Piece of Junk"
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What a worthless piece of junk. First - distorts my monitors (yes, I made sure everything was grounded properly - and I have fairly new KRK RP-8s so they aren't the problem). Second - power cable can't even stay in properly. 3rd - it flat-out died within maybe 4 hours after I set it up.

First off, I just got this today and it had been a nightmare. In terms of sound, for the first few minutes or so it was alright. Then I did a stretch of non-sound related activities and noticed that my monitors were "sputtering." It was weird. When I turned off the M-Patch they were fine. Also, the headphone amp is TERRIBLE. I cranked it and barely got a whisper out of my headphones.

Some useful stuff - stereo/mono switch, 2 playback sources, 3 input sources, separate vol control for aux and main outputs. Also cool - you can use it as a 'desktop' unit or mount it in a rack.

Ease of Use
Super easy - don't even need the manual - just plug everything in and you're set.

Absolutely horrendous. After 10 minutes of use the power cord fell out of the back - it doesn't stay in very well at all. Had to duct tape it to make sure it didn't fall out again. Then, about a half hour later, the entire unit stopped working altogether. What a lousy piece of junk.

Like I said before, a pile of junk.

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I called SM "Pro" Audio and they have evidently changed their number. How convenient.

The Wow Factor
It's just a brown and black box, nothing fancy. The knobs are very cheap-looking.

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Classical, Rockestra, Hip Hop
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