Peterson BB1 BodyBeat Pulsing Tactile Metronome

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Come on and feel the vibrations... of the music as you play.

The Peterson BodyBeat offers a new approach on typical metronome use. The BodyBeat metronome produces a pulsing vibration allowing musicians to easily internalize the beat. The BodyBeat clips onto the belt line and a small separate vibe clip transmits the beat, in the form of a pulse (including subdivisions and accents) directly to the user.

Research has shown that separate neural pathways to the brain exist for tactile impulses and visible/audible information which is why musicians find that tactile pulses are quickly internalized, allowing them to concentrate on reading and listening to the music without the constant distraction of an audio or visual metronome. Feeling the beat, not having to listen to clicks or look at blinking LEDs makes it much easier to focus on the music and playing in correct time.

The BodyBeat provides drummers and percussionists with a rhythmic pulse they can feel rather than hear, avoiding the fatigue and potential harm caused by prolonged exposure to monotonous clicks and cowbell sounds. This patented technology represents a significant advance in the metronome field. The BodyBeat can also be used like an ordinary metronome with audible and visual modes. Suitable for all musicians.


Feel the beat from the vibration clip.

Internalize the accent and subdivisions.

Suitable for all musicians.

Audible and visual modes included.

A440 reference tone is also featured.

Dimensions: 3.78 inches (96 mm) x 2.84 inches (72 mm) x 1.21 inches (30.6 mm)

Weight: 0.3 lbs. (136g)

Power: Single 9V Battery

Limited Warranty: 1 Year From Date of Purchase

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 708-388-3311

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"The best and only metronome I can or will use... If anyone has a better idea, let me know."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I will just say this first... I have a real hard time trying to practice to a metronome. This is compounded by the fact that I don't have a natural rhythm to start with. I play guitar and every "click" or sound based metronome I have ever tried quickly gets drowned out by the sound of my instrument. I can't tell if I am on, ahead or behind the beat. I have used drum machines and they work ok, but it soon became a hassle to set up different rhythm patterns for practicing triplets or 16th notes. I also had to use them at a louder volume than my family wanted to tolerate to use them effectively anyway. Yet every guitarist I would want to learn from stated that the one of the best things they did to improve their playing was practicing to a metronome. I researched how to do this and no one seemed to answer the question "HOW, I can't even hear it once I start playing?!". Then I found the Peterson Body Beat at a local music store. It seemed pricey at the time but I bought it. The pulse bulb works for me!!! I can concentrate on what I am playing and not on trying to follow an audio beat. I can feel the rhythm and play to it. It doesn't make a difference if I am practicing with headphones or with an amp, I feel the beat either way. My timing has improved because my fingers stopped trying to out race themselves. They always seem to want to speed up, faster and faster. Or on difficult parts I would lag behind. Having the pulse provides a discipline to keep them at pace! Isn't that read more what playing to a metronome is supposed to accomplish? I hope review this is helpful to anyone who has trouble playing to a metronome. I believe that the Peterson Body Beat is worth the price because it solves a very REAL problem and it solves it effectively. The tempo and subdivision are easy to set quickly, much easier than with any drum machine I have used. If this product did not exist I would not use a metronome at all and I would be forced into always having lame timing skills. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who desires a metronome they can really practice with. It is the only metronome I can work with.

I didn't but this for it's sound quality. But it's sound is just as good as any other metronome.

Belt clip for both the main unit and pulse bulb. Easy to use buttons. Volume control for sound level. It will also produce a reference A440 tuning pitch. Easy to read LCD display.

Ease of Use
Much easier to set the pattern than any drum machine I have ever used. As far as metronomes go... The pulse works better than any sound based unit I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot of them).

Seems well made, but I would not want to have it drop to the floor. I wouldn't want my guitar to drop to the floor either, that's why I use strap locks...

It solves a MAJOR problem I have with practicing to metronomes. Read below. Worth every penny that I paid for it.

Manufacturer Support
Moot- because I never needed to get support with it.

The Wow Factor
It is not about how it looks, it's about that it works!

Musical Background:
Hobbyist with unrealistic dreams!

Musical Style:
Prgressive Hard Rock, Neo-classical
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