Morley CLW Classic Wah Pedal

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- On/Off switch allows wah to be activated at any position

- LED indicator

- Also works well for bass guitar
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this is an amazingly built, incredibly affordable, no frills pedal. i would of gave it a 10 if it had better response on overdrive on the low strings. my only complaint in an otherwise amazing pedal. for the money you cant go wrong, buy it and youll love it.

the sound of this wah is excellent, it has a sweet wah tone, it just dont have the widest range. when your in a overdrive channel on the high strings its so amazing, but on the low strings it really dont cut through as well. when on the clean channel it shines amazingly with a wide wah range on the high and low strings. its an amazing pedal, but its not perfect.

it does one thing and it does it so well. the battery compartment is easy to get at and unlike some 9volt compartments its so easy to replace.

Ease of Use
if you know how to use a wah youll have no problem adjusting to this one. if this is your first wah or you havent used a wah that much this is perfect for you. itll take you only a few minutes to adjust to it an youll be wahing the wah all nite.

built like a sherman tank. ive gotta say i always thought the dunlop wahs were built strong, but this one puts them to shame. steel, metal, and more metal. i dont see how theres anyway to break it unless your trying to break it, even then youll have some trouble. also the battery compartment is completely padded for even read more more protection. truly amazing how this pedal is built.

this is such a great bargain, $70 for this awesome pedal. its very basic but considering how well its built and the sound it produces, your getting an amazing bargain.

Manufacturer Support rocks as always. i got the pedal so fast after i ordered it, and the support is absolutly the best. top notch all the way.

The Wow Factor
its a very cool looking pedal, and it does have a sexy sound, so i guess it up to what you think.

Musical Background:
20 years, active session guitarist and guitar teacher, im also in a band

Musical Style:
heavy metal is my personal style, but i could play anything from classical to jazz to r&b.
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