Morley Bad Horsie Dual Mode Wah Wah Pedal

Morley Bad Horsie Dual Mode Wah Wah Pedal

Steve Vai's signature wah gallops down a more compact trail with this pedalboard-friendly, dual-mode wah pedal featuring both Bad Horsie and Contour modes.

Morley VAI1 Steve Vai's Bad Horsie Wah Pedal

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Submitted September 1, 2010 by a customer from
"This Bad Horsie is so sweet."
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from the build quality to the sound i couldnt be happier. i know i wont need another wah for at least 10 years. this is such a great product. try it, im telling you, you cant go wrong.

the sound that this wah produces is so excellent i actually stepped back and said whoa! the wah range and sweep is perfect and its so much more nasal than i thought it would be. also from wah to bypass and back my volume never changed as it does with some wahs meaning your playing really loud and switch on the wah and it gets so quite, or vice versa. truly blown away, i love the sound coming out of this rockin pedal.

well it does one thing an does it perfectly, i do have to add how much i love the fact that its switchless, no more banging the pedal to try and turn it off or on, just step on and its on, and off and its off. awesome

Ease of Use
extremely easy to use even if you never used a wah before, just step on, and go.

its a tank. seriously if i ran it over it would still work. its made of steel steel and more steel. and the pedal is spring loaded and the spring is made of, what else, steel. the cushions on the bottom are made of strong hard rubber so they wont wear out, and the input and output are very well made also. just a tank, a real tank.

i personally dont think its overpriced at all considering most read more dunlop signature wahs go for $150 or more, and its such a quality product. i think the price is just right.

Manufacturer Support as always rocks. i didnt require much assistants on this purchase, but i did specify 2 day shipping and recieved it in 1 day which rocks, and the only call i made the customer service rep was really cool, and helped me out with my order.

The Wow Factor
black and red with a cool design on it, what could be hotter. seriously though its a wah pedal. but hey to each his own.

Musical Background:
20 year session guitarist and teacher

Musical Style:
my personal style is metal, but i play everything from classical to hip hop.
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