M-Audio AIR 192|6 USB Audio Interface

With two mic preamp/line/instrument inputs, plus MIDI I/O, plus bundled software, the M-Audio AIR 192|6 is a killer value on a sleek desktop audio interface.

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M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 Audio Interface

No longer available at zZounds
Compact, FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that takes the legacy of M-Audio's award-winning Audiophile line to the next level.

FireWire Audiophile is a compact, FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that takes the legacy of M-Audio's award-winning Audiophile line to the next level. 4 x 6 audio I/O combines with powerful on-board mixing in a mobile package that's perfect for live performance, home recording, and digital DJ work.

Stereo headphone output with A/B switching between assignable sources allows precuing for DJs and mobile musicians--and the assignable aux bus is perfect for creating dedicated headphone mixes and effect sends. You also get zero-latency hardware direct monitoring, ultra-low latency ASIO software direct monitoring, and 1 x 1 MIDI I/O. FireWire Audiophile even has AC-3 and DTS passthrough for surround sound playback.


4 x 6 24-bit/96kHz I/O

2 x 4 analog operation (RCA)

Digital S/PDIF (coaxial) I/O w/ 2-channel PCM

Digital out also supports AC-3/DTS surround sound

Headphone output with dedicated level control

Flexible software-controlled mixing of hardware and software I/O

Aux sends on all channels and aux output assign allows for dedicated headphone mixes and sends to external effects

User-assignable front-panel level control (output, input, software return, aux send)

Zero-latency hardware direct monitoring

Low-latency ASIO software direct monitoring

Momentary switch for A/Bing two software-assignable headphone sources or switching ASIO monitoring on/off

1 x 1 16-channel MIDI I/O

Power on/off switch with indicator LED

Powered via FireWire bus* or included read more DC power supply

Two convenient high-bandwidth FireWire ports

Rugged steel construction
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Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz +/-0.40dB, 96kHz sample rate

Dynamic Range: 108dB A-weighted

Signal-to-Noise: 106dB A-weighted




Sound Manager


Mac OS X Core Audio / Core MIDI

Minimum System Requirements - PC

Pentium III 500 MHz or higher

128 MB RAM

Windows 2000 (SP3)/Windows XP (SP1)

DirectX 8.1 or higher

6-pin FireWire port or adapter

Minimum System Requiremennt - Mac

Macintosh G3* 500 MHz or higher w/OS 9.2.2, 128 MB RAM;

G4* 500MHz w/OS 10.1.5 or OS 10.2.6 or greater, 256 MB RAM (OSX)

* G3/G4 accelerator cards not supported; native FireWire ports required

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5765

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (62 ratings)
Submitted August 1, 2006 by a customer from aol.com

"Great interface if you are patient."

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I highly recommend this if you have a pretty good computer, and the right software (like Project 5 or Fruity Loops or Wavelab). Its a lot of fun to play around with different configurations, I have owned it for a year, and I am still finding new ways to play with it.

You must have a decent computer for the sound to sound good! I have a brand new dual processor and at the 96khz sampling rate it sometimes crackles (but that could just be the vinyl). But it does produce very high quality sound, especially for its price! Its all about how well you configure your inputs and how high quality those inputs are.

Though I could have done with more inputs, as long as you have a mixer you are set. This has merged my dj skills, with my sequencing skills. It also allows me to play all of my vsts, with my dj sets. It is very very very configurable, and that is why I highly recommend it. The software it comes with is unbeatable in terms of features. Two outputs makes this great if you want to play live and record your sets at the same time from an external source, or you can ghetto rig 4 speakers.

Ease of Use
I complain about this because it does not start when you plug it in. This is not like a USB plug and play. It can get very confusing. I always have to play around with it in order to make it register with my computer as a drive. The software interface is simple to use if you know read more what you're doing, and where you want the sound to go. Otherwise its just simple trial and error for beginners.

Again the firewire is a slight problem here, but the interface itself has metal casing, and is extremely sturdy. If you are going to be a mobile laptop dj, Highly recommended. ANything mobile has the audiophiles name written all over it. The knobs are plastic, but other than that the things a rock.

This is a huge bang for your bucks. I bought it slightly used off a guy for 120, Worth every penny and then some. The range of features and customability of the audiophile is well worth its price tag.

Manufacturer Support
I havent had problems with this product, but I have dealt with M-audio before (Radium 49 keyboard). Their customer service was great. As long as you keep your receipt, then you will be fine with the warranty. They will fix it for you, they are patient, and want to help you.

The Wow Factor
HAHAHA, this is a joke category. I mean its not a freaking Moog synthesizer, or a gold plated Technics turntable, its just a silver box with plug-ins and knobs.

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
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