Kramer Assault Plus Electric Guitar

Kramer Assault Plus Electric Guitar

Outfitted with a mahogany neck and body, a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo, and a pair of zebra-striped Duncan JB's, this shred machine is ready to rock.

Kramer Assault 220 Plus Electric Guitar (with EMGs and Floyd Rose)

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Feature: What it does:
Mahogany body Rich, warm, focused sound; added sustain
Mahogany neck Great sustain, strength, and warm tone
EMG 81 and 85 active pickups Aggressive, full tone; great sustain and dynamics
Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo Licensed design based on original; great stability
- Solid Mahogany body
- Mahogany neck
- Pair of USA EMG 85 and EMG 81 Active humbucker pickups in the neck and bridge
- 24 Frets
- 25.5" scale
- Optional Floyd Rose FRT-1000 Tremolo with locking tuning system
- Locking premium die cast tuners with 14:1 tuning ratio
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Submitted May 23, 2020 by Shawn M in Twin Falls, ID
"I was Assaulted!"
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I received my Kramer Assault 220 Plus today. When I pulled it from the box the high E was broken. Not a big deal. I restring all new guitars anyway so nothing to get worked up over. The fit and finish is top notch. The fretboard is flawless and got even better after some F-ONE oil. I installed a new set of NYXL’s and immediately popped the high E with the first bend I attempted. I pulled the string block out and it had a sharp little groove worn into it that was causing the breakage. A nail file fixed that in a couple of seconds. The only real gripe I had with the guitar was the factory setup. Truss was waaaay off and the bridge was far too high. Whoever did that setup should hang his/her head in abject shame. After some massaging and tweaking I have this beast playing like my Schecter Loomis. The EMGs kick ass, the Floyd works beautifully, and all of the hardware is quite nice. I want a white one now. My wife may be planning my murder as I type this.
Musical Background:
35 years of guitar obsession. Known to mess around with a trumpet from time to time.
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