Korg Kronos LS Keyboard Workstation, 88-Key

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Like a well-tuned drag racer, the Korg Kronos LS is optimized for speed and precision, including a redesigned keyboard mechanism for better velocity control.

With a newly designed light touch keyboard for effortless playability, the Korg Kronos LS 88-Key Keyboard Workstation lets you take a full-sized keyboard -- and the power of Kronos anywhere.

Packed with nine versatile sound engines, up to 16 simultaneous effects, 16-part Combinations and so much more, Kronos is Korg's most powerful synthesizer ever. To further unlock Kronos’ potential, Korg introduces a new light-touch 88-key model for a new level of playability - and portability.


- All-new light-touch keyboard for effortless, nimble playing
- 6.3 kg/14 lbs. lighter than Kronos 2-88 for increased portability
- New OS v3.1 includes new Quick Layer/Split functions
- A new look to complement its new feel

New light-touch keyboard for effortless, nimble playing

Korg’s all-new light-touch keyboard makes it easy to play anything from rapid organ licks to synth phrases to glissandi. The mechanism of the keyboard itself has been redesigned so that the velocity is easier to control than on existing light-touch keyboards, even when playing complex chords or difficult phrases. The box-shaped keys share their look with Korg’s premium RH3 action, while providing the faster playing feel of a synth keyboard. Since the keyboard is semi-weighted, it’s also perfect for playing piano and electric piano in any style.

Now 14 lbs. lighter than Kronos2-88 for increased portability

The new keyboard makes the instrument markedly lighter than Kronos2-88 with Korg’s RH3 action, making transport and read more setup much simpler. At under 19 kg. /40 lbs., bringing a full 88-note Kronos to a show just became more convenient.

New OS v3.1 includes new Quick Layer/Split functions

Along with its dynamic new keyboard, Kronos LS features the latest Kronos OS - v3.1 - which puts Quick Layer and Quick Split functions right at users’ fingertips. Effortlessly create layers such as piano and strings, or splits such as electric piano and bass, effortlessly. Numerous additional OS refinements have also been made to further ensure stability and a stress-free performance environment.

A new look to complement its new feel

With its luxurious dark umber aluminum body and beautifully crafted sunburst wood side panels, Kronos LS is designed to present as beautifully as it plays. Kronos LS offers an elegant look that’s perfect for home, stage, and studio.
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- System: KRONOS System Version 3.0
- Keyboard: 88 key: RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)
- Tone Generator

Synthesis Types:9
- SGX-2 Premium Pian-- (Acoustic Piano)
- EP-1 MDS Electric Pian-- (Electric Piano)
- HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer (PCM)
- AL-1 Analog Synthesizer (Analog Modeling)
- CX-3 Tonewheel Organ (Tonewheel Organ Modeling)
- STR-1 Plucked String (Physical Modeling)
- MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer (VPM Synthesis)
- MS-20EX Component Modeling Technology (Analog Modeling)
- PolysixEX Component Modeling Technology (CMT Analog Modeling)

Maximum Polyphony
- SGX-2: 100 voices
- 3EP-1: 104 voices
- HD-1: 140 voices
- AL-1: 80 voices
- CX-3: 200 voices
- STR-1: 40 voices
- MOD-7: 52 voices
- MS-20EX: 40 voices
- PolysixEX: 180 voices

In rare cases, when a large number of processor-intensive effects are active simultaneously (for instance, more than 14 O-Verbs), polyphony may be slightly reduced.*2: A portion of the multicore processor in KRONOS is devoted t-- generating voices, and a separate portion is devoted t-- generating effects. KRONOS dynamically allocates the voice processing power between the engines as necessary. The quoted maximum numbers of voices apply when 100% of the voice processing power is devoted t-- a single engine. *3: 100 dual-stere-- notes (equivalent t-- 400 mon-- voices)

Preset PCM:314 MB (ROM 1,505 Multi-samples, 1,388 Drum samples)

Build-in Expansion PCM Libraries:
- EXs1 - ROM Expansion
- EXs2 - Concert Grand Piano
- EXs3 - Brass & Woodwinds
- EXs4 - Vintage Keyboards
- EXs5 - ROM Expansion 2
- EXs6 - SGX-1 German D Piano
- EXs7 - SGX-1 Japanese C Piano
- EXs8 - Rock Ambience Drums
- EXs9 - Jazz Ambience Drums
- EXs17 - SGX-2 Berlin D Piano
- EXs18 - KORG EXs Collections

PCM RAM Capacity: Approx. 2GB: The memory available for Sampling Mode will change based on the use of Expansion PCM libraries and User Sample Banks.

- Wave Sequences: 598 User memory, 187 Preload
- Support for stere-- multisamples, synchronization of individual notes, and tempo-based settings.

SGX-2 Program
- Premium Piano: Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) plays large samples directly from the internal SSD Full key stere-- sampling, Chromatically sampled at up t-- 12 velocity levels, n-- looping. Damper resonance and mechanical noise are reproduced.
- Oscillator Control:Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, Mechanical Noise, Note Release, Modeled String Resonance, Una Corda. [EP-1 Program]MDS Electric Piano:Tine and reed-type electric pianos powered by Multi-Dimensional Synthesis (MDS), and vintage effects.Electric Pian-- Model Types: 6 Tine EP I, Tine EP II, Tine EP V, Tine EP DMP, Reed EP200, Reed EP200AOscillator
- Control: Harmonic Sound Level, Attack Noise, Level, Release Noise Level, Attack Brightness, Hammer Width
- Panel Control: Tine
- Type: Preamp Volume, Tone (Treble, Bass), Vibrate (On/Off, Intensity, Speed), Amp/Cabinet (On/Off, Drive)
- Reed Type: Preamp Volume, Tone (Treble, Bass), Vibrate (Intensity, Speed), Amp/Cabinet (On/Off, Drive)
- Effect Types: 9 Small Phase, Orange Phase, Black Phase, Vintage Chorus, Black Chorus, EP Chorus, Vintage

Dimensions (W x D x H): 56.14” x 14.33” x 5.28”
Weight: 39.24 lbs.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800

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