Drum Workshop DRCO4P Collectors Drum Shell Kit, 4-Piece

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DW Collectors Series shells are timbre-matched, made of 100% maple, and equipped with True-Pitch tuning rods to make tuning -- and staying in tune -- easier.

DW's flagship line of Collector's Series drums are American-made custom drums. Offered in North American Maple, with SSC shells. What is SSC? Put simply, DW's Specialized Shell Configuration, this shell configuration utilizes X, VLT and VLX shell technologies. It is the culmination of more than a decade of DW Custom Shop shell making, which is a state-of-the-art technology in sonic customization. Drum shells include reinforcement hoops and are timbre matched to create a set that is one instrument in sizes: 18 X 22" virgin bass drum, 8 X 10" & 9 X 12" toms, 14 X 16" floor tom.

Timbre Matching Finds the fundamental pitch of the shell, this is where the drum wants to be tuned. No more fighting with heads to find the sweet spot. DW has done it for you. Every set is crafted as a family. Before the shell is sanded, bearing edges are added or even one hole is drilled, every drum is ear-matched to belong together for life. In a word, tuning made easy and better with true pitch tuning rods.

True-Pitch Tuning Rods give drummers even more control over their sound, DW created its patented True-Pitch 50 rod system increase tuning range.

Includes True-Pitch rods, drum hardware, lugs, True hoops drum counter hoops, STM mounting system and tom legs all in chrome finish.

NOTE: Shell kit only. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

- Bass Drum: 18 x 22"
- Tom: 8 x 10"
- Tom: 9 x 12"
- Floor Tom: 14 x 16"

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-45DRUMS