Rode Boompole Cable Clips

Rode Boompole Cable Clips

Don't tape your mic cable to your boom pole -- secure it with Rode Boompole cable clips. They attach to any Rode boom pole to keep your cable in place.

DNA Bullhead Extreme Microphone Cable Clips

No longer available at zZounds
Clip up to three microphone cables directly to your Bullhead or Bullhead Plus music stand with this cable clip. Made from nylon for flexibility and strength.

The BULLHEAD EXTREME Multi-Accessory Support System features five D&A Guitar Gear Accessory products, all sold separately that will allow the end user to convert and customize their BULLHEAD, or BULLHEAD + Folding Music Stand into a full-blown live performance system stand that can accommodate a microphone boom arm, a tablet holder, a live stream / video camera, personal lighting, and their inventive microphone cable management clips. The end user can fully customize their own setup to their performance needs and choose endless configurations.

Whether the end user wants to convert their BULLHEAD, or BULLHEAD + Folding Music Stand into a single mic boom arm stand, a three mic boom arm stand for background singers / horn section, or two mic boom arms and one tablet holder for a duet, or one mic boom arm and two go-pro cameras for a pod-cast setup, or one mic boom arm, one tablet holder, one live stream/video camera and personal lighting for a solo performer's performance, the configurations are endless.


- Designed to hold up to 3 microphone cables
- Made from Nylon for strength and durability
- Easily installed and removed
- Cable clips are designed to release if the microphone cable is accidentally pulled

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