Behringer XR16 XAIR Digital Mixer

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Behringer XR16 XAIR Digital Mixer

The Behringer X32 completely changed the game by rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer - and over 100,000 users are enjoying the results. Now, that same incredible technology has been incorporated into a small, but incredibly powerful, rack-mountable mixer that will forever change both the way you record - and the way you play live music.

The revolutionary XR16 is a powerhouse 16 input portable/rack-mountable mixer for iPad and Android tablets, and is ideally suited for both live and studio applications, thanks to its 8 award-winning MIDAS-designed mic preamps, convenient integrated Wifi module for wireless control, plus USB connectivity for file storage, system updates and uncompressed stereo recordings via the USB Stereo Recorder. We've also included the rack ears and protective bumpers for added flexibility in your studio and stage applications.

The freedom to move around and manipulate all parameters of your mix with the free iOS and PC apps lets you dial in the perfect sound from anywhere in the venue - or the tracking room! Advanced engineering and meticulous design deliver stellar sonic performance at an extremely affordable price - changing the game once again.

Note: Mixer only, tablet not included.


- iPad/Android tablet controlled 16-input digital mixer for studio and live application
- Built-in tri-mode WIFI router for direct operation - no need for external routers
- Revolutionary Dugan auto-mixing automatically manages microphone gain sharing
- USB connector for file storage or uncompressed stereo WAV recording and playback
- 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA) for all channel and bus EQs
- Rack ears and protection bumpers included for flexible rack and onstage applications
- 4 aux and main LR buses with inserts, full dynamics processing and 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic EQ
- 4 XLR aux outputs and 2 XLR main outputs plus phones connector
- 40-Bit floating-point DSP features "unlimited" dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero overall latency
- MIDI in/out allows controlling the mixer via MIDI equipment (incl. Mackie Control protocol)
- Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio and low power consumption
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Submitted August 12, 2015 by Kelly B in Dothan, AL
"Worthy Investment"
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This mixer is so much more than I expected, especially for the price. Everything will be detailed further in the review, and there's a lot of it. They do not do justice to the features and capability on the product description...or the box it comes in for that matter. The features on this mixer put it up there with most of your high-end mixers like Prosonus and the ilk. As time goes by, the only thing I will be watching the durability and built quality, as with all things. But comparatively, even if it breaks, I can replace it four times and still not equal the price of the major name mixers, so I'm not really that concerned. I will continue to update.

It sounds beautiful. clean and clear, with no hum present. the sound control is crazy. My guitarist plugged direct in and through all the FX options was able to model his desired amp tone, as well as all the pedals he used. If you are a minimal pedal fiend, the four channels within the single guitar channel are enough. If you are an effects fanatic, you can use the fx loop option and run it before or after. The control over your sound is just plain nuts. It carries effects for each of the 16 channels, you can set up memory presets and switch your sound for individual parts of each song in your set lists, which your sound guy can change or roadie, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Want to record into a computer for an album? check. Want to read more run and charge your iPhone while you are on a break? check. I listed the features per channel in the sound section. Have an Android phone? You can run your mix. Have an iPhone? Get an iPad. This is my only gripe, and its not much of one. You can operate from an Android phone, but not an iPhone.

Ease of Use
Once you download the ap, you can get started right away. I wish Behringer had included a little further instruction. There are so many functions and so much capability of this system, I'm sure the book would weigh 20lbs. There also is not much I could find on the Behringer website. I will continue to look. However, just playing around with the system, finding new features and options are easy and take a little trial and error in some areas, but everything is easy to work through and you can always find your way home and undo any mistakes. This ting is genius...just wish there were more instructions.

So far so good. I addressed this in the review section.

What you get for the price is insane.

Manufacturer Support
More instructions would be nice, but I repeat myself. You can find your way through, and I would guess that's as good a way to learn as any.

The Wow Factor
I am completely blown away...did I mention all this music mix goodness only weighs 8lbs? Hooray for easier load in and out. We lost 90lbs by switching to this system and leaving the Peavey board at home.

Musical Background:
Professional musician

Musical Style:
Christian, Jazz, Soft Rock
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