ART Tube MP/C Microphone Preamplifier and Compressor

ART Tube MP/C Microphone Preamplifier and Compressor

Warm up microphones or instruments in your studio with this tube preamp/DI box from ART, then dial in your sound with the onboard optical compressor/limiter.

ART Tube MP USB Microphone Preamp

No longer available at zZounds
Add a tube mic preamp to your recording setup the easy way with the ART Tube MP! This version adds a USB output so you can record directly to your Mac or PC.
The Tube MP Project Series is a professional quality audio interface that lets you connect microphone, instrument, and line level signals to audio inputs to digital audio workstations as well as standard analog devices. They took the legendary Tube MP series and updated every aspect of the design, inside and out, while still maintaining a compact, reliable, cost effective product, and added a USB output. From the all-aluminum stackable chassis to the precision LED level metering circuitry, they have improved virtually every aspect of the already successful Tube MP series and added USB connectivity.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a common hardware interface used for quick and easy connection of peripherals like the ART USB Tube MP. The Tube MP features a single Type B USB peripheral connector on the rear panel for outputting audio over USB to your computer. One of the nice features of USB is its Hot Swapping capability, allowing the Tube MP to be connected and disconnected without turning your computer off. The ART USB Tube MP is fully USB 1.1 compliant, operating under Windows 98SE or more recent, and Mac OS 9.1 or more recent.

The low noise discrete microphone preamp front end has an extremely flat and wide frequency response and handles a wide range of input signal levels with a minimum of coloration. This gives you a very clean and neutral sound with a wide variety of signal sources. The high impedance 1/4 in. instrument inputs optimized for guitar read more pickups allowing every nuance to be heard. They use a high quality 12AX7A tube inside to add warmth to musical dynamics and the power supply is external to keep AC line noise and hum back at the wall.

The input Gain control and switch help you to maximize your input dynamic range as well as control how hard you are driving the tube. Input impedance is switch selectable to optimize your microphone's response right on the front end. These two features are a must when trying to get the most out of a vintage ribbon or studio grade microphone. The switch selectable high-pass filter removes very low frequency rumble and wind noise before it has a chance to overload your inputs. The Bessel filter design is set at a low 40Hz to preserve bass tonality and time domain response and it is very effective when tracking or interfacing to your computer based audio workstation. Phantom power is available for the XLR input and is a clean +48 Volts DC from a low noise internal supply that is current limited to prevent damage to your sensitive microphones.

A FET Limiter with fast attack and musical release times limits the maximum audio output level to prevent overloading succeeding equipment while still maintaining a clear uncompressed sound. This allows you to maximize the dynamic range of your signal before converting to digital. A Phase Invert switch allows you to switch signal polarity right at the source. This feature is especially handy when you are mixing the signal output with other channels in a mix. The Output control comes after the Tube and Limiter and is used to match the output level to a wide variety of systems. Following it is an output section that provides high output signal drive capability to both outputs.


- USB Interface Output
- Extremely low noise discrete front end
- Up to 70dB of clean, "musical" gain
- High output signal drive capability
- Fast FET limiter to prevent overload
- Switch selectable input impedance
- Precision LED metering
- Built-in low noise phantom power supply
- Compact, stackable all aluminum chassis
- XLR and 1/4 in. inputs and outputs
- Phase invert switch
- High cut filter switch
- Variable input and output controls

Tube Mic Preamps Series Overview

Pro Dynamic Processors: The Digital MPA Solid Gold. A professional microphone preamplifier is defined by warmth, presence and clarity -- core elements that make an audio processor desirable. They've designed a microphone preamplifier that captures all these elements, with an exceptionally affordable price.Introducing the Digital MPA by ART. With features like variable input impedance, selectable plate voltage, dual differential Class A inputs, digital outputs and sample rates up to 192kHz, it is truly a modern day classic.

Tube MP: The world's most popular external tube mic preamp. Whether you're working with a computer, hard disk or digital multitrack recorder, the Tube MP's TEC award nominated design will allow you to obtain professional results at an affordable price. ART preamps offer warm tone, useful features, and are innovatively designed. Their line of Tube MP products add presence, clarity and fullness to any signal, and is exceptionally low-noise. The Tube MP Studio V3 features V3 Technology (Variable Valve Voicing), which provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process. V3 delivers a wide variety of settings designed for various microphones and DI inputs, including guitars, basses, keyboards, synths, electronic drums and much more. Don't settle for a copy-cat lookalike. Go with the real thing -- the Tube MP by ART!
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 585-436-2720
(7 ratings)
Submitted July 12, 2012 by Halil Kesiktas
"Saves money, time and sound"
I have used many gadgets on stage and recording, and this tiny fellow is a very special item among my secret weapons. I was looking for a USB interface and just picked this up by chance -and the low price- and got shocked after I set it up and played through. Real transparent sounding. Easy to to use. Wide range of possibilities. I recorded and played mics (mostly dynamic SM58's), bass guitar (both electric and acoustic with XLR output), guitars (semi acoustic, semi classic, miced and electric) and it necer went wrong. On recording situations the mono channel caused some problems I must say. Wish it was stereo or wish I had two of them I said a many times; but on live situations this lovely piece is unbeatable -again stereo effects are lost, but no probs!-. Playing a cheap Cort bass through an old Sonakord amp, this device lets you produce sounds as if you are playing a 68 Fender. Really unbeliavable. The tube warms up quickly and keeps stable sounding for long hours of gigs. I just don't turn off the device on breaks to preserve the lamb (tube) from wearing down due to temperature change and strongly reccomend you to so. And to keep the unit going for a longer life, I pay extra attention in not moving it (de-cabling and packing) before it cools down. I switch it off, ask for a drink and wait at least half an hour before touching it. Maybe I am too obsessive or maybe I like drinking a lot :)))So short in short: perfect in live playing whether with or without an amp; more than read more "not bad" on recording. Don't let the price or brand mistake you. Get one. Get used to controlling the switches. You are in heaven. The sound improvement with this investment can only be achieved with extra $$$ investment to instruments and amps. Saves life.

Musical Background:
+20 years playing. Professional and recording.

Musical Style:
Oldies rock (Deep Purple, AcDc,etc), blues, ethnic, pop, experimental, acoustic.
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