Artiphon Orba Handheld Synth Looper and Controller

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Make unique music with the Artiphon Orba, a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller with touch and motion sensors, plus an app for mobile and desktop.

Orba is a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately. Play notes and beats on its touch-sensitive surface, add effects with movement gestures, and layer your ideas into songs with the built-in looper. Connect to the Orba App to customize your instrument and share your creations with friends. It's never been easier to make music, anywhere you go.

See how Orba works in Artiphon's demo video:

Orba's touch and motion sensors combine to capture even your most subtle gestures. Tap it with one hand or both, with your fingertips or thumbs, or shake and wave it through the air. You can slide around each pad, or go crazy with some vibrato. Circle your fingers over the top like a singing bowl, or strum an invisible guitar.

Orba by Artiphon – First Impressions:

The Orba companion app lets you explore even more. Available for iOS(R), Android, macOS, Windows, the Orba app will let you access more sounds and settings. The app is also where you'll be able to save and edit your loops and songs. And of course, you can share your creations to social media and export to your favorite music-making software to keep building your beats.

Artiphon Part Number: 900-00007

- Lithium Polymer Battery
- 1250 mAH
- 4h average operating time
- 80% capacity after 300 charging cycles

Bluetooth: Bluetooth LE MIDI

Capacitive Touch Sensitive Pads: 8 Pads can be used with different gestures. Tap, Press, Vibrato, Radiate, Hover, Slide, Hold, Palm, Hold

Companion App: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

HTC: 9207.10.00.05

Haptic Engine: Tactile feedback with sounds and metronome

- USB-C (USB 2.0 Class Compliant Audio/MIDI)
- 3.5mm (1/8") TRS Analog Headphone Stereo Out)

Modulation and controllers: Tilt, Spin, Lift, Shake, Bump, Move, Wave

Looper: Four-track MIDI looper

Four on-board modes:
- Drum, Bass, Chord, Lead
- Operating Temperature
- 0 Degrees Celsius- 45 Degrees Celsius

Patterns: Chords, Arpeggios, Note Repeat, Custom Patterns

Product Weight (no box): 158 grams

Product Dimensions (no box): 81 x 81 x 48.5 mm

Sound Engine: 4 part polyphonic synthesizer with subtractive and physical modeling synthesis

Speaker System: 3W built-in active speaker system

What's in the box: Orba, USB-C to USB-A cable, Quick Start Guide

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:

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I was a Kickstarter backer of Orba so I have watched it mature from concept to product.It’s a stand alone synth. So immediately you think lots of patches or programs, creating on the fly, adding, looping, refining, nope. Basic Drum, Bass, Chord and Lead. As a synth you’re stuck with the 4 on board. If you have a computer or tablet you can swap one of these for something different using their app. But you’re not going to get three different guitars or two different pianos to compose a song. Pick 4 and no more. Much like a 8 note harmonica so your not gonna get 88 keys in a 8 hole hockey puck. There are patch effects if you wobble the keys or twist and turn the Orba, but not something that would lend itself to music notation. Using an included usb cable the Orba can be firmware upgraded. Instead of adding functionality this exercise has only been used to bug fix features that didn’t work as delivered. The sound comes out a speaker that is mostly blocked by the palm of you hand and fingers. Placed on a table for play back it’s ok but won’t fill a room with sound. It can be used with optional earphones But the plug an cable are in the way during use. It basically a musical toy that records and makes it extremely difficult to go back to layer and edit. My journey as an early adopted included, late delivery, an overpriced revision 0 unit and $20 shipping. Watch the YouTube videos and see it any of happy ‘artists’ are still working with it after 3 months. Mine’s on read more the shelf. At least zZounds has a return policy.

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