Ultimate Guide to Guitar Tabs

Every "armchair" and professional guitarist has their favorite artist whose music they would like to emulate. Guitar tablature is plentiful online through major databases, as well as personal websites. Sift through famous guitar tabs from BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton, James Hetfield, Wes Montgomery, and Johnny Cash. Study the tabs from the genres of blues, rock, pop, jazz, metal, and country. Check out the riffs. Try them out and enjoy the journey.

Blues/Blues Rock

Feel the emotion of the chords. The tempo tends to change often with the blues.

BB King: The Thrill is Gone

Robert Johnson: Sweet Home Chicago

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Hide Away

Jerry Garcia: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Warren Haynes: Forevermore Chords

Muddy Waters: Mannish Boy Bass Tab

T-Bone Walker: Stormy Monday

Robert Cray: Foul Play

John Lee Hooker: Riff

Duane Allman: Blue Sky, Ramblin' Man



Electricity runs through these chords!

Jimi Hendrix: A Merman I Should Turn To Be

Eric Clapton: Layla-Acoustic

Brian May: Bohemian Rhapsody Tab/Chords

Pete Townsend: Let My Love Open the Door

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode

Jimmy Page: Heart Full of Soul

Keith Richards: Eileen Chords

James Burton: Long Reach

George Harrison: Here Comes the Sun

Jeff Beck: A Day in the Life

Eddie Van Halen: Jump

Mark Knopfler: Sultans of Swing

Carlos Santana: Black Magic Woman



Not all metal guitarists are head-bangers striking a chord of discord. Check out the dyads on these tabs. Turn up the amps to practice these power chords!

Randy Rhoads: DEE

Tony Iommi: Time Is Mine

Slash: Sweet Child o'Mine

James Hetfield: The Unforgiven

Glenn Tipton: You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise


Ya'all heard of country twang? Prebend those strings and bend them back. It's country/bluegrass tabs from the best country guitarists of now and yore.

Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues

Porter Wagoner: If Teardrops Were Pennies

David Rawlings: We're All in This Thing Together

Roy Clark: Daisy a Day

Chet Atkins: Mister Bojangles

Ricky Skaggs: Soldier of the Cross

Ry Cooder: Archie's Funeral

Cliff Gallup: Bop Street

Carl Perkins: Blue Suede Shoes


Watch for the seventh degree, but don't often look for triads. Listening and improvisation are great techniques to learn jazz, but reading the tabs and listening for them in the songs will give you a better ear to start.

Wes Montgomery: Days of Wine and Roses

Django Reinhardt: Minor Swing

Pat Metheny: All the Things You Are

Grant Green: The Windjammer

Charlie Christian: Stardust

Joe Pass: Oleo

Kenny Burrell: All Blues

Lee Ritenour: Rio Funk

George Benson: Breezin'

General Tab Sites

Check out these databases where guitarists, young and old, have written out the tabs from their favorite artists, or they are from the artists themselves. If you are interested in tabbing a song for yourself, note the tab template and tab generator as well as the chord finder.

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