Helpful Musical Resources for the Trumpet

The trumpet dates back in time to at approximately 2000 – 1500 BC. More recent models are made out of brass tubing that is bent two times into an oblong shape. Other materials, such as bones, animal horns, and bamboo have also been used to make trumpet-like instruments. Musicians play the trumpet by blowing air through their closed lips, which makes a buzzing sound that then begins a standing wave vibration inside the trumpet’s air column. A trumpet is employed in many different forms of music, including jazz music and classical music.


· Trumpet Lecture: Summary of the history of the trumpet that includes diagrams.

· History Trumpet: Brief summary of the history of the trumpet.

· A Trumpet Players’ [sic] Dream: A brief history of the trumpet.

· History of the Trumpet: A guide to the history of the trumpet that also features a series of slideshows, which include fast facts and important notes in the history of the trumpet.

· Trumpet & Cornet: Web page that details the history of the trumpet and also the cornet.

· History of the Trumpet and Cornet: A detailed informational piece on the history of both the trumpet and the cornet, which are related instruments.

· National Public Radio: A brief and pithy recap of the history of the trumpet.


· Different types of trumpet: Describes the different types of trumpet that can be played.

· East Lyme Public: Trumpet: In first paragraph of web page, discusses some of the different types of trumpet.

· The Classical Trumpet Information Page on Classic Cat: Contains information on some of the different kinds of trumpets throughout history.

· Avila Orchestra: A write-up that talks about the different kinds of trumpet that have existed.

· Wagner-tuba: Breakdown of a few of the kinds of trumpets that exist.

· Trumpet: Types of Trumpets: Lists some of the different kinds of trumpet.

Techniques and Instructions

· Trumpet Studio: Website that features links to different kinds of playing techniques.

· Musiccomm: List of video lessons regarding instruction and technique.

· IWasDoingAllRight: Delves into a search for the right kind of trumpet technique.

· Trumpet Think: Collection of links that include some that talk about trumpet technique.

· 8Notes: Provides several links to different aspects of the proper trumpet-playing technique.

Louis Armstrong & Other Famous Musicians

· The Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies: Website dedicated to jazz and inspired by legendary trumpet player Maynard Ferguson.

· Louis Armstrong: A Cultural Legacy: Biography of the famous trumpet player from the 20th century.

· Armstrong’s Film Roles: Write-up on all the films Louis Armstrong was involved in.

· MAAP: Talks about the life of Louis Armstrong, in brief.

· Why Louis Armstrong Still Matters: Article discussing the present-day relevance of this trumpet great.

· Kind of Blue: Discussion about a book that delves into Miles Davis’ life.

· Miles Davis: Official website of this trumpet great.

· All About Jazz: Biography on Miles Davis.

Organizations - Associations

· International Trumpet Guild: Guild that is committed to promoting communication as well as increasing performance.

· Australian Trumpet Guild: Website for the guild that represents trumpet players across Australia.

· Historic Brass Society: International organization that exists for the promotion of the entire range of brass music.

· The Great American Brass Band Festival: Homestead of the annual non-profit extravaganza that happens every year in June.

· Jazz Vermont: A band camp for all those who play a brass instrument.

· TPIN: Housed at the Oklahoma City University, TPIN is a network for trumpet players that was founded by an assistant professor of music.

· North American Brass Band Association: Association set up for brass players of all kinds across North America.

· Lieksa Brass Week: Series of international brass competitions that are held yearly in Finland.


· Brandenburg Concerto No.2: Famous symphony for the piano by Johann Sebastian Bach.

· Provides visitors the chance to listen to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.2.

· Free Scores: Free sheet music to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.2.

· BAROQUE CONCERTO: Talks about Bach’s series of Brandenberg concertos, including No.2, which is the one for the trumpet.

· Mark Kesel: Trumpet soloist who performs trumpet concerts and gives lectures on the trumpet.

· Monette Trumpet Trumpets: Maker of one of the best quality trumpets in the USA.

· Guide to new trumpets: Informational walk-through for people who are considering buying a new trumpet.