Folk Legend Paul Simon

Paul Simon was born in Newark, New Jersey on October 13, 1941 into a family that loved music. His father, was a college professor, a dance bandleader and bassoon player. With music in his life at an early age, Simon and his high school friend, Art Garfunkel, began singing as a duo. Simon and Garfunkel with their acoustic guitar playing and smooth harmonies had success at an early age, by being signed by a small record company as teenagers. Their first recordings were a minor success as the duo called "Tom and Jerry".

After high school, both Simon and Garfunkel went to college, but still periodically worked with each other, as well as other musicians. However, their big break occurred in 1964, when Columbia Records heard them and signed them to a record contract. From 1964 until 1970 when they split up, the duo were a major musical act in the 60's with several hit records including "The Sounds of Silence", "The Boxer" and "Mrs. Robinson." Despite splitting up to pursue solo careers the duo remained friends and reunited for a few special events in the 70's and 80's including the Concert in New York's Central Park , which was attended by more than a half million people. Here are some resources on Simon and Garfunkel:

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Paul Simon went on to a very successful solo career. After splitting with Garfunkel, he recorded several albums which produced hit singles such as "You Can Call Me Al", "Kodachrome" and "Loves Me Like A Rock." In 1985, Simon became involved in the USA for Africa program, which raised money and awareness for famine relief in Africa. He performed in the fundraising single "We Are The World" along with dozens of other performers. In his solo career, he has featured diverse elements in his albums including African and Brazilian sounds, as well as electric guitars. Here are some resources on Paul Simon's solo career:

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Paul Simon has had an outstanding career as a songwriter and performer. His solo work and work with Art Garfunkel will be remembered for decades to come. Simon also has a unique distinction of being a two time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . He and Garfunkel were inducted in 1990 as a duo, and Simon was inducted as a solo artist in 2001.