MIDI Recorder Online

The musical instrument known today as the recorder has existed since the Medieval Period and was called the English Flute in the 16th through the 18th centuries. With the introduction of the modern flute, the recorder was mostly forgotten until the late 20th century. In recent times, it has once again gained popularity as a true member of the flute family and is no longer considered just a child's whistle toy.

The introduction of synthesized musical instruments happened the 1970s. The technology of computers, and the software which allowed instruments to interface with the computer, Musical Interface Digital Instrument (MIDI), came out in 1983. This technology is based on mathematics, and as such, there are some issues with intervals, the distance in pitch between notes. Although various audio plug-ins are available to correct these issues, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the right one for the individual instrument. A test page is available to ensure the correct temperament is available in a user's specific MIDI program.

MIDI files can be played back on the synthesizer or sound module connected with MIDI cables to the computer. They can also be created in a software program by recording while playing. Many musicians and composers have created MIDI files for the recorder and uploaded them for use by others. Styles range from Medieval to modern pop and jazz , and everything in between. They can be downloaded for no charge, and some sites also provide the printable sheet music.

With the abundance of MP3 players and portable music devices, many musicians want to be able to put their own MIDI files on these devices. The software to convert MIDI files to .wav files is available for purchase and download. While there are some sites offering free downloads of similar types of programs, they are not recommended. These types of sites often have programs that contain hidden spyware and viruses.

An easy-to-understand tutorial can show you how to hook everything up and record and play MIDI files from the Internet or from your own creations.