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The Music of Mary Chapin Carpenter

How many singers that are born in Princeton, New Jersey make it big in country music? Not too many more once you finish counting Grammy Award winning singer, Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Mary was born in Princeton, New Jersey on February 21, 1958 where she lived during the early part of her life. With her father being a magazine editor, the family moved to Japan for a couple of years when Chapin Carpenter was in her pre-teen years. Upon their return, they settled in the Washington, D.C. area, where she began her love affair with music. Even though she loved to play the guitar and sing, Chapin Carpenter was a shy teen and did not perform in front of an audience until after graduating from high school. But, after that first appearance with a simple acoustic guitar in front of a small crowd, she was bitten by the music bug.

After graduating from Brown University, Chapin Carpenter started to perform in some small clubs and bars, while looking to get a real job. After a couple of years, she got a manager, recorded a demo tape, and got her first recording contract with Columbia Records. In 1987, her first album was released, and after experimenting with different musical styles found her niche as a country artist. Since deciding on country/pop music, she has continued to release albums which have been quite successful. Among her hit singles were "Down at the Twist and Shout", "I Feel Lucky", "Passionate Kisses" and "Shut Up and Kiss Me."

During her music career, Mary Chapin Carpenter has recorded nine albums, while writing the majority of the songs, and has won five Grammy Awards, two Country Music Awards and two Academy of Country Music Awards. Although she does not record as frequently as she did in the 90's, Chapin Carpenter has continued to write and record hard hitting and touching country music. Hopefully, for many years to come.


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