Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Midi stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A Midi enables all electronic instruments to communicate and synchronize with each other. Below you will find links to everything and anything you need to know about Midi's.

History of MIDI: Find out how the creation of MIDI in 1983 is closely tied to the development of synthesizers.

How Midi's Work: From the Introduction to Computer Music by the University of Indiana.

MIDI File Converter: A great tool for converting MIDI files between types 0,1, or 2.

MIDI Channels: A article that discusses MIDI sequencing and the importance of MIDI channels.

MIDI Search: Find certain MIDI files by searching up to five engines at once.

The Tune Language: A program that allows you to create your own MIDI files.

Introduction of MIDI (pdf): Discusses the MIDI signal, the system local switch, types of MIDI data and more.

MIDI Tutorial: A tutorial by Aaron Walz for MIDI beginners to MIDI professionals.

How to Embed MIDI files: Find out how to put background music onto your web page by embedding MIDI audio files.

SMF Language and Display Extensions: Learn how to establish command codes for text display, multi-byte code sets and song information in standard MIDI files.

Music Markup Language: Learn how to make music objects with XML-based language. MML is designed to be a user-friendly element to help understand MIDI.

Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal: Learn about the number systems computers and synthesizers use to communicate.

Making Music with MIDI: Learn about the devices that make it possible for MIDI data to be generated into music.

PC to MIDI Connection: Find out how to use MIDI files with a personal computer, the compatibility issues and applications needed.

How to Burn MIDI to CD: A great tutorial on how to transfer a MIDI file to a CD.

Covert MIDI to MP3: Learn how to convert MIDI files to MP3's or Wav files.

MIDI videos: Great video tutorials on everything in regards to MIDI files.

MIDI Maven: Find MIDI files from any genre searchable by artist or song.

Major MIDI Formations: A huge collection of MIDI sites ranked in order by size.

Mini MIDI tutorial: A great learning tool for the basics of everything MIDI.