Fractal Music: Melodies Behind Each Pixel

When you think of your favorite song or favorite type of music, it’s generally related to the specific type of genre they fall in. Whether you’re a country, classical, or pop music fan, we can all relate to this subject. Fractal music is on a level all on its own. In describing fractal music, it is simply based upon the mathematical concept of a fractal. It is music that is derived from fractal algorithms. Fractal music and conventional music are quite different due to the fact that fractal music sounds a bit more like noise and computer bleeps, instead of music we are used to hearing. Still, fractal music continues to be created. 

All about Fractals

About Fractal Images

No matter how a fractal image is formed, the end result is always very unique. No fractal image is the same. There are a variety of artists who have a gallery of fractal images they are proud to share with the world. 

Fractal Music

Fractals are visual representations of mathematical functions, which upon magnification show an increased amount of detail. A gentleman named Benoit Mandelbrot, who is known as the father of fractal geometry, coined the word fractal. But how do fractals and music go together? 

Here are several websites you can access in order to hear some examples of fractal music.

The Music Makers

Among the many musicians of the world, there are actually famous fractal music composers. The most popular include Phil Thompson, David Clark Little, and Forrest Fang.

Phil Thompson

David Clark Little

Forrest Fang