A Tribute To The Byrds

The Byrds had their start in 1964 when the original band members came together in Los Angeles. Roger McGuinn was the only member to stay with the band until the end when the band finally broke up in 1973. They had a number of popular songs over the years including "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star," "Turn! Turn! Turn!" and "Eight Miles High." They're still regarded today as one of the best folk rock bands of all time and they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the early 1990s.

McGuinn and Gene Clark formed the basis for the band in the early 1960s and when David Crosby joined, the trio renamed itself Jet Set. Later Michael Clarke and Chris Hillman joined the band and they became known as The Beefeaters. They signed a contract under Columbia Records and decided on the name The Byrds just before recording their first album. In the beginning they recorded interpretations of other hit songs, always using a bluesy or folksy slant.

The Byrds began changing their sound in 1965 when they experimented with a psychedelic sound. This was clearly evident on their hit "Eight Miles High." Many stations actually banned the song due to its reportedly drug references, though the band claimed it was nothing more than a song about flying on an airplane. Gene Clark left the band the next year after suffering from a debilitating fear of flying. The band played at the Monterey Pop Festival, but tensions were mounting behind the scenes. They eventually fired Crosby and Michael Clarke left not long after. They hired Kevin Kelley and Gram Parsons as replacements.

The band continued experimenting into other areas such as country. Their album Sweetheart of the Rodeo is regarded as one of the first country-rock albums of all time. They also headlined the Schaefer Music Festival during this time period. They continued to tour and record with various members for the next few years, but by the 1970s the original band was officially finished.

One of the better websites on The Byrds is Byrdwatcher. This fan run site has been called one of the best band fan sites of all time. They list everything a person could ever want to know about the band from interviews and a history, to band member updates and current news.

Another good website is the Rolling Stones entry on The Byrds. They list information on the band, covers that members appeared on, and more pictures of past members. There's also The Byrds at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website, which shows why they were inducted into the museum.

The Byrds Discography is also helpful because it lists all songs found on albums released by the band over the years, including the singles they released before changing their name to The Byrds. Some will also like the Byrds FAQ List, which covers dozens of different questions relating to the band.

To send a message to band members, visit The Byrds or check out The Byrds Lyrics Page where the lyrics to all of their songs are listed.

Several former members also have their own official websites where fans can read updates, news, and look for more information. Visit the sites of including Gram Parsons and David Crosby, or read an interview with Roger McGuinn on his experiences with the band.