Finger Charts for Woodwind Instruments

With the advancement in the web world, today almost everything can be done with the online services available on the Internet. Be it shopping, searching or the learning. Learning to play woodwind instruments as an extra-curricular activity or out of the interest by the children, elders has now become much simpler with the help of pictorial finger charts available easily on the Internet websites. In this guide, we will explore some of the oldest and finest instruments and know how easy it is to learn them.


Flute for Kids: With the help of specially designed flute known as the recorder flute, kids till 5th grade do not have to struggle at all. It provides an opportunity for kids to learn while playing music. With this technological advancement in flute, it has become convenient for the amateurs to learn to play the instrument.

The Trill Chart: Gives a clear picture of the flute trill chart which is pretty easy for the students to memorize.

Modern Flute Fingering Chart: Charts for the modern flute and piccolo, including many alternate fingerings.

Flute Fingering Chart: Printable charts from an accomplished flutist.


Piccolo Fingering chart: Octave by Octave fingering chart to make the procedure of learning a piccolo easy.

Numeric finger chart: Provides with the fingering chart written with numbers rather pictorially. It gives the idea of notes in 2nd and 3rd Octave.

Alternate Fingering Chart for Piccolo: Gives musician the alternate fingering positions for the piccolo.

Piccolo Pedagogy: Lists fingering charts both online and in print.

Oboe and English Horn

Teacher’s Guide: From the history to the performance techniques including the fingering charts of the instrument, every minute detail is present in the teacher’s guide.

Hands-On Experience: Have an experience with the exercises provided to test the understanding of the instrument.

Oboe Fingering Charts: Document that provides complex fingering charts for the oboe.

Basic Fingering Chart for Oboe: Offers guides to the basic octaves of the oboe.

Basic Fingering Chart: Directions for quick learning and using an English Horn diagrammatically.

A-Z of English Horn: Starting from the student on English Horn, choosing the equipment, embouchure to the distinguishing features.

Fingering Scheme for Oboe and English Horn: Provides the basic fingering schemes for these two instruments.


Pictorial Depiction of the Clarinet Fingering Chart: Get a clear cut picture of the working of a clarinet with the labeled fingering chart.

Clarinet Fingering Charts by Key: Finger chart for the clarinet in all keys.

Clarinet Fingering Chart: Another pictorial diagram of fingering positions.

Clarinet Fingering Guide with Altissimo Suggestions For Playing: Intuitive fingering charts by key and for altissimo notes.


To get started: A perfect guide for the beginners to become a master at saxophone. Saxophone is one of the easiest instruments to play.

Tips for a makeover: Gives ideas and suggestions for a makeover on the parts of privately owned saxophone section.

Insight of a saxophone: A simplistic approach for the beginners to help them learn the saxophone and overcoming all sorts of confusion.

Elaborate Finger Chart: Self explanatory lessons with fingering diagrams that makes the process of learning and playing the saxophone easier.


Play and Learn: A user-friendly guide for students to get a thorough insight on bassoon and perform various exercises to practice different bassoon techniques.

Types of bassoon fingering charts: First class reference in fingerings for bassoon. A pictorial representation of basic, alternate, and trill fingering chart for bassoon.

Bassoon Fingering Chart: Interactive fingering chart for German system bassoons.

Bassoon Resource Fingering Charts: Printable charts for German system, French system, and other types of bassoons.