Rock And Roll Of The 1950s

The decade of the 1950s featured a variety of musical styles. Whether you enjoy Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Doo-Wop, or Rock and Roll, the collection of tunes created during the 1950s will appeal to every sort of music lover.

The lifestyle of young families in the 1950s can be characterized as conservative. Peruse the information at The 1950s Lifestyle, and you'll find that parents and children spent a lot of working and recreation time together. Teenagers were expected to live up to their parents' expectations of them. Not surprisingly, some teenagers rebelled against this ordered atmosphere by listening to music that their parents didn't approve of. This music was called rock and roll.

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At Rock and Roll's History, you'll discover why some parents were not happy with their teenager's love for rock and roll. The questionable lyrics and thumping beats were not considered decent by many concerned parents of the time. The information found at Teenagers and Rock and Roll in the 1950s explains that a large part of the reason teenagers listened to rock and roll was because they were excited by the idea of rebelling against their parents' authority.

No discussion of Rock and Roll would be complete without mentioning the most popular Rock and Roll singer of the 1950s, Elvis Presley. Teenage girls were especially attracted to Elvis Presley's love song lyrics and lively dance music. But according to The Attraction of Rock and Roll, when Elvis played for an audience on a popular television show, he was photographed from the waist up in order to hide his, "suggestive hip movements." This was yet another reason for parents in the 1950s to be wary of rock and roll.

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Another type of popular music in the 1950s was R&B. It had a slower, blues-like tempo and often featured lyrics about love. Travel to Rhythm and Blues Music, and you'll find that singer Fats Domino had several R&B hit songs in the 1950s. A few examples are: "Ain't That a Shame," "Blueberry Hill "and," I'm in Love Again." Other popular singers with songs that ended up on the R&B hit song lists in the 1950s included: Chuck Berry, Guitar Slim, and Ruth Brown.

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Doo-Wop was also a very popular style of music in the 1950s. At The Doo-Wop Song, some of the words used to describe Doo-Wop are, "non-sense syllables," and a, "simple, music beat." Travel to Doo-Wop and Its Beginnings, and you'll learn that the word, Doo-Wop was first sung by a band called the Dundees, in a 1954 song called, "Never." Other examples of 1950s Doo-Wop groups are: The Five Satins, the Elegants, and the Dubs.

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Visit 1950s Musical Hits, and you'll find a list of ten of the most popular songs and their singers, from each year of the decade. The singer Perry Como appears with a song on all but three of the lists. His well-known song entitled, "Catch a Falling Star," appears on the list for 1958.

Little Richard was an extremely popular singer in the 1950s. At A Collection of 1950s Songs, you'll find his name appearing several times within the list of the top one hundred songs of the decade. Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Brothers, and the Platters also hold prominent places on this list.

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The musical artists of the 1950s left us with a treasury of songs that can still be appreciated today by even the youngest music enthusiast.