Exploring Musical Genres

Music has been around for many years and even dates back to ancient times. The definition of music varies according to culture. There are many different types of music which are referred to as genres. Within each genre of music there are subgenres. Classifying music into genres can be somewhat difficult and even controversial as many forms of music can be interpreted in different ways, and opinions differ on what music belongs to what genre.

Pop Music – a music genre which features a mainstream style, melodies and hooks, and a conventional structure, pop music includes many subgenres and is considered a “lighter” alternative to other popular music such as rock

Subgenres of pop music:





Blues Music – a music genre which is based on the use of blue notes and chord progression, there are several types of blues music, and blue notes and played or sung at a lower pitch than that of the major scale and this is done for the purpose of expression

Blues Music Subgenres:

General Blues



Classical Music – a broad music genre which encompasses many subgenres, classical music is normally instrumental and is known for its many famous composers including Mozart, and Beethoven, the classical period of music falls between the baroque and romantic periods

Rock Music – a genre of popular music which entered the mainstream sometime in the 1950's, the sound of rock is defined by acoustic guitars or electric guitars, drums, and many times keyboard instruments and synthesizers, in the early 1970's rock music developed into many different subgenres

Rock Music Subgenres:

Classic Rock




Heavy Metal

Hip Hop Music – a music genre which typically consists of the rhythmic vocal style referred to as rap and is backed up by a beat, hip hop culture began in the Bronx, NY in the 1970's, the terms rap and hip hop are often used synonymously

Hip Hop Music Genres:


Gangsta Rap

Jazz Music – a music genre which began in the early 20th century in the southern part of the United States in African American communities, and since then it has sparked the development of various subgenres and has given rise to many distinctive styles

Jazz Music Subgenres:

Big Band




Country Music – a genre which incorporates a blend of musical forms originating from the Southern United States, country music rapidly evolved in the 1920's and is also referred to as country and western, country music includes various subgenres

Country Music Genres:


Honky Tonk

Nashville Country