Information About Drums

History of the Drum- Educate yourself on the history of drums. Learn about different types of drums, what genres of music they are used for, and the cultures that drums were a big part of.

Free Online Drum Lessons- You no longer have to spend wads of cash on pricey private drum lessons. Now you can learn the art of drumming online from a professional drummer. The lessons are in video format and are available online free of charge.

Most Expensive Drum Kit- Have you ever wondered how much the world's most expensive drumming kit cost? Well, we've got the answer. The world's most expensive drumming kit was auctioned of in 2004 for over $250,000.

Buying Your First Drum Kit- If you are interested in buying your first drum kit, you will benefit from this detailed guide. This guide includes information on how to select your price range, which make of drum is right for you, and how to bargain the best deal on a drum kit.

How to Setup Your Drum Kit- Buying your first drum kit is exciting, but it will be a waste of money if you don't learn to properly set up your drum kit. Follow the instructions in this detailed guide to learn how to setup your new drum kit--it's very beginner friendly.

John Bonham Interview- Want to know everything about John Bonham, the drummer for the infamous band Led Zeppelin? Now you can by watching this interview, which was conducted in the 1970's.

Interview with Zach Farro- Do you love Zach Farro, the drummer from the pop/punk band Paramore? Well now you can get into his mind by watching this interview that was conducted by his brother Josh Farro, who is also the lead guitarist for the band.

Drum Chat Forum- Is your drum kit your only friend? Well, now you can mingle with likeminded drummers on the Drum Chat forum, which is exclusively for drummers.

The Collective- Do you want to be educated by Grammy winning faculty members? If so, The Collective is the drum school for you. The Collective is a New York City based drumming school that employs two 2009 Grammy award winning faculty members; Irio O' Farrill and Vince Cherico.

World's Fastest Drummer- Can you drum faster than any other drummer in the world? If you think you can, put your skills to the test by competing for the title of the world's fastest drummer. Drumming has now officially become an extreme sport.

Choosing Drumsticks- If you need help choosing drumsticks, this guide is for you. Learn exactly how to choose the perfect drumsticks for your skill level by following the detailed instructions in this guide.

Guide to Self Teaching- If you don't have the money to hire a drumming coach or simply just want to brag that you taught yourself how to drum, you will benefit from reading this guide. The guide outlines everything that you need to become a self taught drummer.

Tuning a Drum Set- You don't have to lug your drum set to a guitar center anymore; learn how to tune your own drum set at home by following these simple steps.

C&C Custom Drums- This drumming company creates custom vintage style drum kits for famous drummers such as Chris Gaylor from the All American Rejects and Joey Barnes from Daughtry.

Start a Drum Circle- Are you tired of not having any friends that are interested in drumming? Why not start your own drum circle? A drum circle is a community of drummers that get together to discuss their interest in drums and network with other drummers.