Straight Talk On The Dire Straits

Mark Knopfler formed Dire Straits in England in 1977 by recruiting his little brother and friends into the band. While Knopfler sang and played lead guitar, his brother David played guitar. Other members were John Illsley on bass guitar and Pick Withers on drums. Their music was embraced by the general public because they took a different approach to music. While other bands were getting louder, Dire Straits preferred to stay quieter and produce more mellow songs.

The different members were living in relative poverty when they recorded five songs. They based their name on their situation. One of those songs, "Sultans of Swing" became such a hit that they were signed to a deal with Phonogram Records. They released their first album in 1978 and went on tour with the Talking Heads later that year.

In 1978 Dire Straits toured the U.S. and released a second album. Their third album was released in 1980 and David Knopfler decided to leave the group. Instead of replacing him, they used another artist to play his part during their recording sessions. After a fourth album, Pick Withers also left. Hal Lindes would leave a few years later as well. Their 1985 album produced their biggest hits to date, "Money for Nothing" and "Walk of Life."

The group continued to tour the world for the next few years, but broke up in the late 1980s, with Knopfler forming another band. Within three years though, Dire Straits was back together. The group officially disbanded in 1995 after releasing a live version of their music. As of 2007, the band has sold over 120 million albums worldwide. Their best known songs are "Sultans of Swing", "Money for Nothing," and "Romeo and Juliet." Former band members have expressed interest in reforming Dire Straits, but the lone holdout remains Mark Knopfler. He claims to have no interest in returning to those roots.

Each of the members has their own official website including Mark Knopfler, David Knopfler, Hal Lindes, John Abbey and Guy Fletcher.

MTV has their own page devoted to Dire Straits. The website includes music videos, a biography, and information on the Music Video Awards they were nominated for in the past. Rolling Stone has a similar page, with pictures and previous magazine covers on display.

Mustafa Obadasi?s Dire Straits Page is and unusual fan built page. This was the first fan page ever devoted to the band in Turkey. The Dire Straits Guitar Page was also created by a fan of the band. This fan lists interviews with the band as well as in depth information relating to their specific instruments.

A full discography and listing of the songs arranged by album can be found at All Music. Fans can also find lyrics to all their songs at A-Z Lyrics and fan photos at BBC. Cover Browser is another unique website in that this one lists all the album covers of the band over the years.