Choral Music Download Directory

Choral music dates back all the way to ancient Greece and has journeyed with mankind through history, particularly in Europe. Each era has contributed unique and special characteristics and, today, we have a full body of music encompassing Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, as well as our own 20th and 21st century period. The list below provides a comprehensive reference source of choral music for use in many types of choirs.

Aardvark Hill: Secular and religious children’s choir music.

African Children’s Choir: Listen to snippets from the African Children’s Choir.

Ashley Hall: Choral music MP3’s and PDF sheet music downloads by various composers.

Bach Choir: Choral works performed by the Bach Choir of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, MP3 files available and wonderful descriptions of works and historical context.

Balaam’s Burro: Scriptural based fun music with downloadable PDF’s.

Children’s Octavos: New Life Music Publishers provide free and flat-fee children’s octavos.

Chorus Rehearsal: Downloadable GIFs, PDF’s, and MIDI music files from several composers of secular works.

Christian Songs for Children: Christian choral themed music for children choir in MP3, interactive, PDF and Real Player versions.

Christian Music for Choirs and Youth Groups: Choir music for youths in PDF format and MIDI music files.

Church Choir: Worship choral music in MP3 and PDF format.

Church Choral Music: Choir pieces for male voices in PDF and Scorch formats.

Contemporary Christian Music: Karl Kohlhase provides lyrics and 51 free downloadable MP3’s.

Dominican Giannetta: The Italian composer's works in MIDI, PDF, and MP3 format.

Essentials of Music: Real Audio samples of German composer Richard Wagner’s works.

Gallery Music: Sheet music, MIDI, and MP3 files of English religious music of the 1700’s and 1800’s.

Good Music: Downloadable live Christian choir hymns performed by The Moore’s Chapel United Methodist Church Choir.

Gotta Sing: Worship style choral hymns in PDF, Finale, and MIDI audio format.

Kerby Music: Vocal music lyrics with free MP3’s and sheet music.

Manfreds Notenpool: German Choir litany and Vesperae pieces from the 1800’s and 1900’s written with Finale and audio in QuickTime.

Manning-Floyd Music: Sacred choral Latter Day Saint hymns in MP3 and PDF format for download.

Marika’s Music: Scriptural and worship themed music for children’s choirs with downloadable MP3’s and sheet music in PDF formats.

MIT Gospel Choir: Lyrics and PDF version of gospel music.

Music Australia: Sacred and chamber music samples performed by Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.

Rome Reborn: Take a step into classical Rome and take note of the wide range of musical styling’s of Renaissance singers and composers.

Sacred Music: Christian and Jewish sacred choral music audio and sheet music.

Sally DeFord Music: Christian sheet music, MP3’s,.

Secular Choral Music: Listen to full tracks of choral works by Danish composer Christian Hildebrandt.

The Music of Ruth Elaine Schram: Download 45 minutes worth of chorus music for Holy week.

University A Cappella Choir: Various choral recordings from Concordia University's A Cappella Choir in Windows Media Audio format.

Virtual Church Music Room: A list of classical choral music with lyrics.

Ward Choir: Sacred choral sheet music provided by composer Vieve Thompson.