Children's Music Resources

Music is a very important art form for children to learn about. Music can be introduced to children at a very young age, and as a child continues to develop music educational in schools is an important part of their learning experience. Teaching a child music can be as simple as playing them a cd as they are laying down to go to bed, or even signing them up to learn an instrument such as violin or acoustic guitar. There are many possibilities for teaching your child music and there are endless resources available to help you do so.

Children's Music – a nonprofit organization that offers all kinds of information on children's music and music education

Children's Music Network – a nonprofit association working to share music with children while teaching communication through music

Creating Music – a creative music site for children of all ages where kids can compose music, perform, and play games

Kids Song Lyrics – a collection of hundreds of lyrics to kids songs as well as games, contests, and more

Music Education – a paper written on the importance and impact of music education in schools

The Mosaic Project – music for kids that encourages peace and a better world made by the nonprofit organization

MENC – the National Association for Music Education where you can find news, resources, career information, and more

Educational Music – free educational music and videos from PBS Kids

Sing-Along Songs – a huge list of sing-along songs for kids, and guess that tune games

Nursery Rhymes – a list of well known nursery rhymes and an explanation of how they can help kids to learn

Mother Goose – a collection of many different Mother Goose nursery rhymes

Radio Disney – a fun kid friendly radio station available online along with games, countdowns, and more

Classical Kids Music – resources and educational games for teaching classical music to kids

Play Music – learn all about different instruments and find a music teacher or orchestra in your area

Elementary Music – includes resources on finding a job in the field, teaching tips, ideas, lesson plans, games, advocacy, and much more

Music Notes – learn about music theory, history, styles, professions, instruments, and play games