Children's Music

Music appeals to a broad range of audiences; children are particularly captivated by anything melodious. According to Plato: “music is a more potent instrument than any other for education.” Exposure to a plentiful variety of music in early childhood equips the brain for improved spatial learning, and leads to enhanced performance on standardized testing. Music is a tool for self-expression for babies as well as older students. Giving youngsters music education builds skills like listening, following directions, hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and discipline while preparing them for future successes.

Blue’s Clues Theme - Short video of Blue’s Clues theme song.

Brain Music - Information on using music to build brains.

Campfire Songs - Lyrics to songs for scouts or anyone to sing around the campfire.

Children’s Shows Theme Music- Listen to soundtracks from Scooby Doo, Barney, Spiderman, and other popular television shows.

Christmas Songs - Over 1,900 songs with music and lyrics.

Dragon Tales Songs - Fun songs and activities based on the television show Dragon Tales.

Folklore Jump Rope Rhymes - These rhymes can also be sung as silly songs or hand-clap songs.

Kids Public Radio - Listen to lullabies or sing along songs of your choice.

Lullabies - Lyrics - Lyrics to over 2,000 children’s lullabies.

Musical Activities - Sing along, learn about music, play along, or just listen to many children’s songs.

Nutrition Songs - Lesson plan for teaching about nutrition with fun food themed songs.

South African Scout Campfire Song Book - Hundreds of traditional, silly, and funny children’s songs.

Spanish and English Preschool Songs - Rhymes, finger plays, and action songs in Spanish and English, some with audio files.

Jump Rope Rhymes - Make exercise fun by singing these tunes while jumping rope.

Online Songbook - Lyrics, and other musical activities based on children’s songs.

Sesame Street Songs - Lyrics to the Sesame Street theme song, It’s Not Easy Being Green, Rubber Ducky, and other Sesame Street favorites.

Listen to Raffi Online- Listen to 25 free songs per month from famous children’s musician Raffi.

Dora Theme Song - Listen and learn the words to Dora the Explorer's theme song.

Sing Along Alphabet - Lyrics and audio files for teaching children the alphabet.

This Day in Music - Find out what happened in music - day by day.

The Lied and Art Song Database - Text archive of classical art songs.

Piggyback Songs - Fun songs using familiar tunes to teach children various subjects.

New York Philharmonic - Be on stage or behind the scenes with this interactive guide to the orchestra.

Kids Sing Along Songs - Extensive list of links to midis of favorite children’s songs.

Bugle Calls - Listen to bugle calls performed by the U.S. Army Bands.

Beethoven’s Baseball - Play ball with Beethoven and learn about composers.

Virtual Classroom - Learn about the history of music, famous composers, and other musical facts.