All About Pianos

The piano makes music when a hammer hits a string, and the strings vibrate. In this sense, the piano is similar to the acoustic guitar, which also makes music by the vibration of strings.

General Information:

Evolution of the Piano: A brief history of the evolution of the piano.

Definition of the modern piano: An overview of the characteristics of the modern piano.

Three Types of Pianos: A brief introduction to the three types of pianos.

The Modern Piano: A summary of the characteristics of the modern piano.

Technical Information:

Technical History of the Piano A brief overview of the technology behind the piano.

Technical Manuals for the Piano: A website containing technical information about the piano.

Tone Production on the Piano: A website explaining the proper method of playing piano to achieve consistent tone.

Building a piano: A Google Book that discusses how pianos are built.

Piano strings: A website that demonstrates the importance of piano strings.

Vibration of piano strings: A website that explains the importance of the vibration of piano strings.

How Pianos produce sound: An overview of the sound produced by pianos.

The Importance of Piano Strings: An explanation of piano strings.

Why Grand Pianos Produce Truer Sound: A comparison of upright and grand pianos.

Sympathetic vibration. The importance of proper pedaling on a piano.

Types of Pianos:

Three Main Types of Pianos: An introduction to the 3 main types of pianos.

Grand pianos and upright pianos: A comparison between grand pianos and upright pianos.

Player pianos: An introduction to the player piano and its history.

Upright pianos: Detailed information about upright pianos.

Upright pianos: Additional detailed information about upright pianos.

Grand pianos: Detailed information about grand pianos.

Grand pianos: Additional detailed information about grand pianos.

Digitial pianos: An introduction to digital pianos/keyboards.

Keyboards: Additional information about digital pianos/keyboards.

Piano Manufacturers:

Piano manufacturers- An overview of piano manufacturers.

About piano manufacturers: Information about piano manufacturers.

Steinway: Information about Steinway, the famous piano manufacturer.

Baldwin: Information about Baldwin, the famous piano manufacturer.

Yamaha- Yamaha produces pianos and keyboards.

The Piano Industry:

The piano industry: An overview of the piano industry.

Piano Builds: An overview of piano builds

The Popularity of the Piano Industry: Information about the growth of the piano industry

Building a grand piano: Information about how grand pianos are built

Keyboards role in the piano industry: Details about the keyboards role in the piano industry

Keyboards/Digital Pianos - Like electric guitars, the standard piano also has an electric variation, called the keyboard or digital piano:

What is they keyboard: An overview of information about the keyboard

All About the Digital Piano: An overview of information about the digital piano

How Digital Simulation Works: How digital pianos work

Casio's digital keyboard: Information about a famous keyboard manufacturer

Owning a keyboard: Information about owning a keyboard

Piano Technicians:

Concert Halls: Information about the importance of maintaining concert halls

Piano Technicians Guild: The official website for the professional group of piano technicians.

Piano Magazines:

Piano magazines: The website of a popular piano magazine

Piano Games:

Piano games: Information about Piano Games

Piano activities: Information about Piano Activities

Learn to love the piano: Games to make the piano fun

Piano Competition:

Piano competitions: The website of a famous piano competition

Piano Computer Software:

Piano computer software: Information about piano computer software

Play the piano with computer software: Additional Information about piano computer software

Play the piano Online: An online, playable piano

Piano software: Playable online piano software

Distance learning for the piano: An article containing information about distance learning for the piano